Monitor respirable nanofibers and other airborne particles with Stat Peel’s Identifier system.

Respirable particles are potentially harmful.

They are present in many factories, production facilities, labs and building sites, but Stat Peel’s Identifier can easily be installed and used on-site to monitor exposure.

The Identifier system is made up of a reader and 10 wearable badges.

The user scans an RFID badge or enters an access code.

The user waits a moment until the badge is loaded with a filtration slide and started up.

The user wears the badge throughout the workday.

The badge filters air and collects particles.

The user checks in at shift’s end and the reader removes the filtration slide from the badge.

The Identifier analyzes the filtration slide during off-hours and calculates exposure.

The supervisor sees the data.

The slides are archived and the reports are maintained for review.