Our sampling kits

are ready to fly

Stat Peel’s Identifier detection system monitors personal exposure to potentially harmful airborne particles. Our Raman spectroscopy approach is ideal for advanced materials because it is material-selective and all analysis can be done in-house.

If you work with advanced materials and you aren’t sure yet that the Identifier is right for your facility, our sampling service is a good first step. With the sampling kit, you can easily monitor exposure to airborne particles using our wearable badges and then return everything to us to be analyzed by the Identifier in the Stat Peel lab.

• carbon nanotubes
• graphene
• carbon black
• boron nitride nanotubes or platelets
• battery cathode materials like NMC
• titanium dioxide

• various metal oxides & nitrides
• respirable crystalline silica (RCS)
• polymers
• other advanced materials

Standard sampling service includes

· 6 badges
· 24 filtration slides
· a tablet computer
· a simple toolkit
· analysis of the slides at our lab

How does it work?

Contact Stat Peel to request and schedule the sampling service.