About us

Stat Peel

We founded Stat Peel in 2013 to provide the world’s best, easy-to-use workplace nanofiber detection system. We love technology and want to support companies in their safe use of the newest materials.

We have used the latest sensor, spectroscopy and data analytics technology to build an integrated sensing solution which helps protect people and facilities from harmful contamination. Ensuring safe work environments enables manufacturing advancements with novel nanomaterials for a broad range of applications.

We attend events and conferences around the globe related to nanotechnology, toxicology, workplace safety and occupational hygiene. Our research in detecting the most advanced materials is helping to set standards for nanotechnology safety.

Our lab is located in Glarus, a mountainous region of Switzerland that is known for its clean air, accessible nature and industrial past. Unfortunately, some industries used materials that created pollution and contamination, most notably asbestos, the former wonder material. Now that the potential for contamination from airborne materials is well-known, modern industry can avoid the health risks that can be caused by nanofibers and other potentially dangerous materials.

Stat Peel’s goal is to monitor nanofiber exposure to ensure safe working environments.