We’re still grounded, but our sampling kits are ready to fly.

We are looking forward to being able to get back to traveling as soon as we are vaccinated.

In the meantime, we wish everyone the best in staying healthy!

Stat Peel’s COVID-19 FAQs

Are you still working? Is your lab open?

Business is not as usual, but we are still working. We are lucky to have enough lab and office space for our employees to comfortably maintain a reasonable “social distance.” We can also do some work from home.

Is your supply chain disrupted? Can you still fulfill orders?

We have an inventory of components for the Identifier at this time, so we would be able to fulfill new orders and ship in May. We can also provide filtration slides to existing customers. In both cases, shipping delays are likely.

Can you travel to sample at our facility?

Not until we’re vaccinated. If you are interested in sampling, contact us and we can arrange to ship a kit to you.

Are you still planning to attend conferences and other events?

We are participating in some virtual events in the spring, and registered to attend several events in Europe and the US in person in the second half of 2021. Please check our website under Events or News to find out where we will be.

If we can’t meet in person, how can I learn more about your products?

Contact us by phone or email so we know what your needs are. We’ve made some videos demonstrating how the Identifier works and we can send you links to those too. 

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